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Get Ready to Stress Watch "Trust Me" When It Comes to Hulu This Weekend

“Trust Me,” a four episode BBC series starring Jodie Whittaker, tells the story of a hardworking nurse who loses her job for whistleblowing and is forced to take drastic measures to provide for her daughter. This show first aired in England and Sweden earlier this year in August but will begin streaming on Hulu beginning December 1 at 2 AM.

This show is so intense to watch with distinct parallels to “Breaking Bad”—an otherwise rational person and upstanding member of society commits a crime. You are counting down the moments until they get caught. Just as it was for Walter White, all these people in her life are drawing closer and closer to the truth of what she's doing and you wonder every minute of the show if what you're seeing is going to be the moment that it all comes out. There were moments that I felt sick from the stress. Just what you want from a medical drama.

A lot of progressive-minded Americans who really want to believe that the NHS works well might be disappointed, because while the show doesn’t say that the NHS is not worth having, it does shine a light on the reality. Even the best systems have problems. But for those who might use this show as a political tool, it is still a work of fiction. Do the people who live in England have some bones to pick with the NHS? Absolutely, but no one there is debating whether or not they should have access to healthcare but rather what’s the best way to do it.

This is definitely a show worth watching. Try to avoid as many spoilers as you can because you'll enjoy it even more the less you know.

Mark and Candice

Mark and Candice

Sometimes the best part of reading an article online is engaging in a conversation in the comment section. However, discussions involving opposing points of view between strangers can devolve into a toxic environment. So what if these conversations were had between two people who loved each other?

At Cheek to Geek, our contributors consist of a diverse group of couples who are steeped in geek and popular culture. Our reviews reflect the back-and-forth, opposing or concurring, debates that geeks are notorious for having. But our founders, Mark and Candice Roma, have always felt that the love and respect felt for certain fandoms should carry over into the way we discuss them. Candice hopes that by modeling fruitful and productive discourses in our blogs, vlogs, and podcasts that we can show our readers the value in having disparate opinions and that differing perspectives don’t have to lead to hostile confrontation. “Mark and I have been together almost nine years, and every time we go see a movie, read book, go to a new restaurant, or see something awesome, we immediately ask what the other one thought. We don’t always agree, but having a conversation with my husband is my favorite part of experiencing something new.”

Although Cheek to Geek focuses on the opinions of specific couples, Mark believes that our vision for the site will extend far beyond that. “Ultimately the goal of art is to communicate, and the goal of communication is to build a community.” Our mission is to create a positive, inclusive, and safe environment for the appreciation and discussion of popular art in all its forms. 

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