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Weekly Haul: Transformers Grimlock, Triggerhappy, Windcharger, Beachcomber, and Slash

Welcome to the first in a weekly series reviewing the awesome toys I added to the collection this week. Below you'll see a short series of thoughts about each toy, along with a couple of photos for you to look through.

Power of the Primes Grimlock

This Grimlock toy is a mixed bag of innovations and missteps. His T-rex alt mode is such an amazing homage to the original G1 Grimlock toy that he can't help but put a big old smile on your face. "Me Grimlock awesome!"

Unfortunately, his legs (which become arms in robot mode) have a strange shape to allow for the combiner ports when Grimmy becomes the torso for his Volcanicus combiner mode. They hold him back in robot mode, lacking those signature folding claws we all know and love.

Grimlock's robot mode also has weird chunky feet that can give him posing and balance issues. The biggest failing, by far, is the lack of sword and double-barreled cannon that are Grimlock's favorite weapons. We are meant to accept the combiner mode "feet" as some kind of weapons, but it's a real stretch. Fortunately, I gave him the chopping sword from his Fall of Cybertron incarnation and the Iron Factory add on cannon from that figure.

Power of the Primes Windcharger

The good news about this guy is that he looks so much like the G1 cartoon model that you can't help but smile. Unfortunately, he's a little bit of a brick. Other than his elbow articulation he is the least poseable Legends class figure in a while. I got him hoping he would be the final version of the character I'd need, but I can't help but think they will end up revisiting him in the near future.

Power of the Primes Beachcomber

This little guy is near perfect. He has great articulation, a fun transformation, and a killer sculpt. There's even a 3mm port in the back that looks like it was meant for a (missing) cannon to round him out. 

Power of the Primes Slash

The first official female G1-styled dinobot is great! She looks great in robot mode and has a pretty inventive transformation. Her velociraptor alt mode is hard to pose, but looks damn cool to me anyways. She even has a cool "seat" for Titanmasters and Primemasters to go for a 'raptor ride.

Titans Return Triggerhappy with Blowpipe

Obviously I was late to get this guy, but he was on sale at Hasbro's Ebay store for eight dollars. I had skipped his wave because two of Triggerhappy's brothers are clones and didn't really appeal to me. I was even less enthusiastic because the Hasbro versions are missing the Targetmaster partners and come with repaints of those funky guns that come with other Titans Return robots.

Even so, Triggerhappy has a fun robot mode with all the strengths and weaknesses of other Titans Return voyager figures. He has decent articulation despite the enormous cannons and wings on his arms. 

His spaceship alt mode is a fun 80s retro mold that looks great and is fun to fiddle with. The rough part is transforming him back and forth. 

The transformation has some intriguing engineering but suffers alignment problems with the legs that can cause cascading problems when you have to tab them into the torso, and they can be annoying when you have to plug in the arm/wing sections. If you can resign yourself to imperfections in the finished ship mode, it is worth the annoyance to get there.

So that's the toy wrap-up for this week. Come back next week for another batch of awesome figures on the Weekly Haul.

Mark and Candice

Mark and Candice

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