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Wizard World Austin Recap

This weekend, November 17–19, Wizard World Comic Con came to Austin. Mark and I attended on Saturday and had one of the best times we’ve experienced at a comic convention. We arrived in the early afternoon. We had tried to get out sooner, but, you know, life. So we missed a few of the morning panel discussions that we wanted to see, specifically an event called “Michael Rooker vs the Audience.” However, we arrived just in time for a panel discussion titled “The Secrets Behind Creating and Finding Great Podcasts.” Genese Davis, author of “The Holder’s Dominion” and host of the podcast “The Gamer’s Dominion,” acted as moderator. Podcasting guru Scott Murray, the mastermind behind “Assembly of Geeks,” “Geek Supreme,” and “Superhero Therapy” and Tiffany Ojeda and Mia Dallas, the lovely ladies of Tandem Canon, gave some of the most valuable advice ever on starting and improving a podcast. Look forward to seeing some positive changes on Cheek to Geek!

We then headed to another panel moderated by Travis Langley on “25 Years of Batman the Animated Series with Kevin Conroy and Loren Lester.” Kevin Conroy mentioned during the panel that since his background is in stage acting that he missed getting that feedback and interaction from voice work, and he felt that he got that connection with the fans at comic conventions. Kevin talked about his early days in the business and auditioning for Batman, which he believes is a role he wouldn’t have been able to land today as a result of stunt casting (hiring the biggest name and not the best person). My favorite part was when Kevin reminisced about his experiences working with both Tim Curry and Mark Hamill as the Joker. He described Tim Curry as “scary freaky” and Mark Hamill as “funny scary.” Conroy said that Hamill pushed him to be a better Batman and that he did the same for Hamill’s performance of the Joker. Conroy believes that Batman still resonates today because “he’s the only superhero without powers,” which give him a purity to do good. Conroy considers animation out culture’s mythology to teach the young the difference between good and evil. He believes we can all relate to what Bruce Wayne went through.

He also remembered his time working with Adam West in the “Beware the Gray Ghost” episode.

Lastly, Conroy revealed that he was just hired to do a new character on a show that is “very Joker like” that hasn’t been announced. So stay tuned for more on that news.


Then Mark and I decided to hit the floor and exhibit hall before our final panel on “Indie Comics Are the Future” with Those Damn Comic Book guys.

At the final panel, Fresh and Confucius were hilarious as they spoke to an intimate crowd about how they believed indie comics would take the place of DC and Marvel because they are cheaper for studios to buy and are lesser known stories. We also talked about how indies are limited by budget and possibility that bigger studios might create smaller independent divisions, like Disney once did with Miramax.


Thanks, Wizard World for an amazing day. See you next year!!!

Mark and Candice

Mark and Candice

Sometimes the best part of reading an article online is engaging in a conversation in the comment section. However, discussions involving opposing points of view between strangers can devolve into a toxic environment. So what if these conversations were had between two people who loved each other?

At Cheek to Geek, our contributors consist of a diverse group of couples who are steeped in geek and popular culture. Our reviews reflect the back-and-forth, opposing or concurring, debates that geeks are notorious for having. But our founders, Mark and Candice Roma, have always felt that the love and respect felt for certain fandoms should carry over into the way we discuss them. Candice hopes that by modeling fruitful and productive discourses in our blogs, vlogs, and podcasts that we can show our readers the value in having disparate opinions and that differing perspectives don’t have to lead to hostile confrontation. “Mark and I have been together almost nine years, and every time we go see a movie, read book, go to a new restaurant, or see something awesome, we immediately ask what the other one thought. We don’t always agree, but having a conversation with my husband is my favorite part of experiencing something new.”

Although Cheek to Geek focuses on the opinions of specific couples, Mark believes that our vision for the site will extend far beyond that. “Ultimately the goal of art is to communicate, and the goal of communication is to build a community.” Our mission is to create a positive, inclusive, and safe environment for the appreciation and discussion of popular art in all its forms. 

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